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Services Overview

At SprintHive, our top priority is to provide reliable and trustworthy Identity and Income Verification services for both individuals and businesses. We take pride in our innovative approach to Identity Verification, utilising advanced technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Our Income verification service is fully customizable to meet your specific business needs, providing a fast turnaround time. 

This is why leading brands trust SprintHive for seamless verification solutions.

Why SprintHive? 

SprintHive's success is directly linked to our customers' success. Our Services are only billed on success and we are incentivized to constantly improve our efficiency.

All our services are true omni-channel and resume across devices.

Our services are constantly improving based on our Customer feedback loops.

Our services are regulatory compliant.

All our Services have real-time dashboards that make each service and its business value visible and transparent.

Our partnership approach ensures that we build and maintain long-term partnerships with each of our customers.

We offer deep technical expertise and support, our CEO and CTO are ex-Amazon Web Services engineers who understand enterprise requirements with extensive technical knowledge in cloud computing.

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