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Customer Onboarding

Our advanced customer onboarding system utilizes facial biometrics technology enhanced by data science, tailored to your customer demographic. This solution achieves a harmonious equilibrium between an exceptionally low identity fraud rate and a reduction in the need for manual processing referrals.

Customer Verification Process


Upload ID Document

The user snaps a photo of their identity document

(government issued ID card or book) and simply uploads their document, which is automatically matched to data from multiple trusted sources.

Selfie customer onboarding

Take a Selfie

The user is asked to take a selfie,  and complete a liveness test to verify their biometric that we will prompt if the user needs to make any adjustments due to bad lighting, quality or any factors that disturb the quality of the image taken.


Receive Onboarding Status

A risk rating is produced that can be fed into your digital onboarding process. Based on the adjustable risk levels, set by you, any other required due diligence or fraud investigations will automatically be triggered.

"SprintHive prides themselves in their long-term partnership approach with both Client and Partnership relationships. “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with SprintHive. The transparency, support and commitment has been more than we could’ve asked for. Reliable, competent, and consistent. These are the qualities that we’ve experienced. This is the team you need to do business with. I’m forever hopeful that we could have more organisations that exemplify such high values.”

Leigh Hawson, Group Operations Performance Manager at FinChoice

Income Verification video

Income Verification

The Income Verification Service automates multiple aspects of verifying an applicant's declared income as per regulation, including the gathering of evidence from multiple sources.

Income Verification Process

Upload statements and payslips icon

Upload Statements/

Your customers can easily upload their digital statements from any device, or grant you authorisation to automatically extract the required financial data.

Income analysis icon

Income Analysis

Using SprintHive’s data science and machine learning technologies, the data is automatically analysed.

Confidence scoring icon

Confidence Scoring

 An income and a confidence score is then produced.

Increase your conversions by up to 25%

Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about how our Customer Verification can transform your customer onboarding journey.

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