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Biometric Verification

SprintHive offers secure and reliable biometric authentication solutions to protect your business data. Our cutting-edge technology ensures your peace of mind while minimizing the risk of fraud. Contact us today and safeguard your business with our advanced biometric authentication solutions.

Biometric Authentication Benefits

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Seamless Security


Reduce the risk of identity theft and prevent fraud with our biometric data which include fingerprint scan, and facial recognition to verify the identity of new customers more accurately

Developed to be fast, secure and convenient for users. The process of authentication typically takes only a few seconds, and users can complete it from any device with a camera and an internet connection

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Experience a high level of accuracy when identifying users. Our technology uses a variety of biometric data such as facial recognition, document verification, and liveness detection to ensure that the user is who they claim to be

"The SprintHive team demystified the concepts around the service-team approach to optimising business capabilities, and a testament of their impact is that nearly 2 years later we continue to follow their recommended approach." 

MJ Davis, CEO Consumer Lending at Direct Axis Group

Protect your business and customers

Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about how our Biometric Authentication can transform your customer onboarding journey.

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