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Document Management

Improve efficiency through automated document management. Simplify tasks like accessing, reviewing, and organizing various customer documents. Enhance onboarding, reduce drop-off rates, and boost accuracy by implementing document automation.

Document Management Features

Document reading icon

Reader Service

 Eliminates costly manual capture while reducing processing time

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Mailbox Manager

Reduces lead time from days to seconds while reducing cost. Mailbox Management document linking -  up to 95% of emails linked successfully automated 

Document classifier icon

Document Classifier

 Using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and classify digital documents into types and categories.

Document management service icon

Document Management Service

Storing documents in a POPI-, GDPR- and NCA-compliant manner and allows authorised personnel to find and retrieve them

"Customers typically start with a POC of one service, and soon adopt more of our services. SprintHive continues to invest and improve its verification process based on customer feedback, and works closely with customers to solve their problems."

Tania du Toit, Head of Partnerships

Automate your Document Management

Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about how our Document Management can transform your customer onboarding journey.

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