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Digital Customer Onboarding Simplified With

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We use advanced data science to drive digital customer onboarding conversion rates by up to 25%. 







Extended Service Offerings

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  • Liveness Detection

  • Facial Biometric

  • Fingerprint Biometric

  • Agent-Based Verification

  • Identity Fraud Prevention

  • Income Fraud Prevention

  • Document Tamper Checks

  • Profile Building Detection

  • Document Storage

  • Mailbox Management

  • Document Enrichment

  • Indexing and Archiving

Our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their digital onboarding goals. We do this by creating innovative software that removes customer friction, and in doing so, paving the way for amazing customer experiences to take place while consequently driving customer conversion rates.

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SprintHive has partnered up with some of the leading brands in the industry to transform their customer onboarding experience.

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