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Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention is a service that safeguards your business from fraud related risk during customer onboarding. Our machine learning enables reliable real-time data detection and fraud prevention on various documents i.e. identity documents while checking for impersonation, document tampering and reinforcing validity of customer identity, using third-parties sources, such as Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS)  in South Africa.

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How we Prevent Fraud


Identity Document
Fraud Detection 

Protect yourself against identity theft and fraud with our advanced document verification tools. Verify the authenticity of identification documents quickly and accurately, giving you peace of mind and protecting your business from potential financial losses

Impersonation Check Icon


Prevent your business from identity document fraud with our Impersonation Check. Our advanced technology detects potential impersonation attempts, ensuring that your organization stays secure and compliant


Tampering Check

Our advanced technology detects any signs of tampering on identity documents, ensuring that your organization only accepts valid and authentic documents. Keep your business safe and secure with our reliable and efficient fraud detection service


Validating Customer
Identity Check

Prevent identity document fraud with our customer identity validation check. Ensure the authenticity of your customers' identity documents and protect your business from potential fraud

"SprintHive provides the full suite of services to digitally convert leads in real-time while reducing cost & preventing fraud, alongside a seamless customer onbaording experience"

Thuso Segopolo, Chief Growth Officer at SprintHive

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Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about how our Fraud Prevention can transform your customer onboarding journey.

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